February 16, 2023

Active Whakapapa and Tāfesilafa’i selected for the 2023 World Community Development Conference

Two initiatives underway in West Auckland, Tāfesilafa’i and Active Whakapapa, have been recognised as examples of best practice in Community Development and selected to present at the 2023 World Community Development Conference in Darwin in June.

Embracing First Nations communities, the conference will focus on enabling a deeper understanding of the context and practice of community development in communities across Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand.

Healthy Families Waitākere Rautaki Māori, Mike Tipene Ngāpuhi, Te Rarawa, explains the role of Active Whakapapa in revitalising green spaces in West Auckland.

“We all want to feel a sense of connection within our local neighbourhoods, and Active Whakapapa is a real-life example of how people can connect to the places we call home. Embedded in mātauranga Māori, Active Whakapapa shares the history of the whenua underfoot, with pūrākau generously shared by local Marae, Iwi and Hapū. We are wrapped to have a place at the conference to share Active Whakapapa with likeminded practitioners, alongside hearing from other First Nations presenters to bring some of their knowledge and learnings back with us to Aotearoa.”

Underway in six Aoga Amata (Samoan early learning centres), Tāfesilafa’i is revitalising culturally centred ways of learning amongst young learners and their faiaoga (teachers). Through Tāfesilafa’i, professional learning and development is being delivered in the Samoan language, a critical step in enabling these unique learning environments to thrive. A faiaoga participating in Tāfesilafa’i, continues.

“Tāfesilafa’i has provided us with knowledge and skills, particularly from our own Samoan Fa’amalama o le Tofāmanino’ (worldview). Now we feel confident and empowered to use our own pedagogies that are fundamentally grounded on our Samoan values, language, culture and spirituality”.

  • Faiaoga

Phase three in 2023 will see Tāfesilafa’i extended to six Aoga Amata in South Auckland, alongside further goals to work with Ministry of Education and the Education Review Office to better understand and support these unique learning environments.

The conference is taking place this June in Darwin. For more information please visit www.wcdc2023fromtheedge.org.au 

About Tāfesilafa’i

Tāfesilafa’i is a space for Aoga Amata (Samoan ECEs) to come together, connect, share, and grow confidence in weaving Samoan cultural values, practices and beliefs into early learning environments.

About Active Whakapapa

Active Whakapapa is a site-specific storytelling experience, sharing the history of Mana Whenua while traversing the whenua. Taking place across two sites in West Auckland, Orangihina Park and Henderson Park, the initiative educates and connects local people to place, space, and face, and normalises Te Reo Māori being heard, seen, and spoken in local parks and green spaces. Active Whakapapa also ensures pūrākau and mātauranga are passed down through the generations. Tipene continues.