December 12, 2022

Charge into West Auckland thanks to Big Street Bikers’ Locky Docks

Glen Eden Micro Mobility Hub

No matter where we live, we all need to be able to move about freely in fun and healthy ways – get on a bike to your friend’s place, a sports practice, or a leisurely ride across town. A great city for everyone supports our health and wellbeing and allows us to choose the mode of transport which best suits our needs and abilities.

For over a decade, the number of people using bikes has been declining due to enduring challenges. A major challenge is the need for more investment in active travel to encourage people to choose travel options other than vehicles.

But the good news is that people will change how they travel when there are viable alternative options. Local and international evidence tells us when investment is used to improve alternative travel infrastructure (other than cars), more people use it. When more people use various modes of transport, fewer cars fill our roads, providing smoother journeys for those who still choose to drive.

Helping Aucklanders who choose to ride a bike or drive an e-scooter is the mahi of Big Street Bikers. The team are on a mission to roll out an Electric Bike Network across Tāmaki Makaurau (and other urban centres), with the support of Mercury, Waka Kotahi and regional Council across the motu. West Auckland is set to receive up to 15 Locky Dock Stations where anyone can securely lock, dock, and recharge their bike, e-bike, or scooter free of charge.

To better understand West Aucklanders’ wants and needs and offer a fair distribution across neighbourhoods, Big Street Bikers chose to work with Healthy Families Waitākere Systems Innovator Rea Kenkel. The team worked together to understand where Locky Docks would be best placed in West Auckland, including coping and mapping exercises.

These locations are selected for their access to public amenities, retail centres, commercial properties, any tertiary or educational facilities in the area. Each Locky Dock also includes wayfinding maps to highlight new cycleways and safe cycling routes to encourage more people to consider alternative options to using a car by default.

Big Street Bikers Cofounder Cleve Cameron says, “We love that West Auckland understands how important it is for alternative transport options. As the cost of petrol increases, we know people are looking at different ways to get around and providing secure parking is key to making bike riding a great option. It’s not only healthy and cost effective, it’s also fun! Ride to work and you just feel great!” 

The Big Street Bikers’ approach and commitment to getting more people on bikes is a clear win for West Auckland. Kenkel continues.

“West Auckland often suffers from a lack of infrastructure investment, which impacts our community’s ability to enjoy the benefits of using more active forms of transport. By looking at our community and considering how to centre equity, we hope to enable better access to the resources that make cycling much easier.”

The Locky Docks will pop up in West Auckland neighbourhoods in the coming months. To keep up to date with the latest developments, visit