July 5, 2021

He Pī Ka Rere taking flight in West Auckland

Tamariki are continuing to learn through the He Pī Ka Rere initiative across West Auckland, with five Early Childhood Education Centres taking part in their first few weeks of training with Kyra Dobson (Ngāti Whātua), from Healthy Families Waitākere. The kaupapa Māori initiative is designed to equip tamariki with the skills and knowledge to learn healthy habits and behaviours by applying indigenous techniques which have sustained tūpuna for generations.

Tamariki have learned about the atua Tāne Mahuta, the God of the Forest, whilst being guided through a series of games to help in the development of fundamental movement skills. Kyra explains.

“Tamariki took part in games such as throwing a scarf in the air and catching it as it drifted back down – imagining it was leaf falling in the wind. Kaiako (teachers) from the ECE’s are also taking part in the weekly workshops, learning as they go and continuing the games and stories with tamariki.”

The stories and games are also being picked up in the home by the wider whānau.

“It’s great to see how engaged they are. Definitely a beautiful concept for learning and diversity all-in-one.”

  • Parent of a tamariki taking part in He Pī Ka Rere at their ECE

The initiative not only supports the development of fundamental movement from an early age, but offers tamariki and kaiako insight into Te Ao Māori, alongside taonga takaro (traditional Māori games) and knowledge which have sustained Māori for generations. The integration of this knowledge in mainstream education settings (such as ECE’s), provides further space for these practices to be shared with the next generation of learners.

Over the course of the workshop series, tamariki and kaiako will learn about Tāne Mahuta, Tangaroa, Rongo, Tāwhirimatea and Tūmatuenga.