December 20, 2019

Healthy Families Waitākere and Henderson-Massey Local Board Working to Improve Active Transport Options

Ongoing conversations and a shared vision between the Strategic Leadership Group at Healthy Families Waitakere and the Henderson-Massey Local Board has led to a commitment to improving active transport options in Rathgar and Lincoln Roads.

Earlier this year, Healthy Families Waitakere engaged with the Henderson-Massey Local Board to influence the Lincoln Road upgrade through sharing collected data on resident usage and perceived barriers to active transport. Whilst conversations concerning Lincoln Road are ongoing, the team at Healthy Families Waitakere influenced broader conversations leading to the local board allocating with a $1.1 million budget for the home and school zone. The funds are set to deliver improved pathways and regulate vehicle speed.

Shane Henderson, Henderson-Massey Chairperson, says Healthy Families Waitakere has made a huge contribution as community enablers in the area.

“With highly congested main roads and car dominance, the Henderson North Home and School zone is a tough thoroughfare to redevelop. The Healthy Families Waitakere team ensure Waitakere redevelopments include community consultation and input to make certain the space is reflective of the community it serves.”

Kerry Allan, Healthy Families Waitakere Manager, echoes Shane’s thoughts.

“We know working together creates healthier communities now, and for future generations. Healthy Families Waitakere is delighted to work alongside the Henderson-Massey Local Board, supporting local solutions and leadership to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the Waitakere community for generations to come.”