April 30, 2021

Rosebank Business Challenge kicks off

A west Auckland Business Association has revealed a new and innovative way for its members to connect with one another beyond the traditional ‘business after five’ meets.

Titled the Rosebank Business Challenge, the event saw 163 participants from 23 organisations descend on Riversdale Reserve to compete across eight pit-stop challenges, each organisation battling to take out the top spot. Rosebank Business Association Membership Engagement Manager, Kim Watts, explains.

“This was one of the largest events we’ve ever held, and we were thrilled with the turnout. We hope to see this become an ongoing calendar event for our members and are exploring the best way forward.”

The idea for the event came about through an ongoing initiative called the Rosebank Wellbeing Collaboration which aims to prioritise wellbeing in the workplace. One of the working groups, Connecting businesses, originally planned to host a street party along Rosebank Road. Working group member, Kim Watts, saw an opportunity to involve eight local businesses to oversee the pit stops challenges. Healthy Families Waitākere Lead Systems Innovator, Zaynel Sushil, continues.  

“This event was part of a wider initiative exploring the importance of workplace wellbeing from a Business Association’s perspective. There are currently three other working groups looking to improve travel to and from work, build financial capability for employees and share knowledge and resources to grow a culture of wellbeing.

Over the years, our understanding of what workplace wellbeing means has shifted to cover the many elements of wellbeing, with companies looking for ways to support employees to be happier and healthier.”

The Rosebank Wellbeing Collab is currently exploring this space, in partnership with Healthy Families Waitākere and the Rosebank Business Association, alongside key stakeholders including Ministry of Social Development, Te Hiringa Hauora (formerly the Health Promotion Agency) and Auckland Unlimited.