November 28, 2022

Strength of Healthy Families Waitākere kaupapa reflected in response letter from Minister Kiri Allen

Sport Waitākere was thrilled to receive a response from Minister Kiri Allen on an earlier letter sent by Board Chair Jarrod Walton.

The initial letter from Walton detailed the organisation’s support of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Harm Minimisation) Bill and outlined the work the Healthy Families Waitākere team has taken alongside people and community organisations to reduce alcohol-related harm in West Auckland.

The response from Minister Kiri Allen firmly supports the strategic direction of Sport Waitākere as the lead provider of Healthy Families Waitākere, seeking to understand the broader determinants of health and wellbeing in West Auckland and explore solutions led by the community, not for the community. Allen continues.

“I appreciate the contribution your organisation is making as the lead provider for Healthy Families Waitākere, helping reduce alcohol-related harm. Thanks also for sharing your insights about the relationship between sports and alcohol advertising and sponsorship.”

Allen outlined the phased approach to reviewing the current law, which will place more power back into the hands of people in the community, alongside future considerations on how to regulate alcohol more broadly.