May 27, 2019

Whānau Friendly Work Hours Makes Good Business Sense 

At a time when Kiwis are asking for more flexibility in the workplace, a West Auckland business, Westie Food Group, has announced the launch of whānau-friendly work hours, an entirely new set of shift hours, offering employees flexibility to choose a schedule tailored to their unique whānau needs.

Healthy Families Waitākere Manager, Kerry Allan, says juggling work and parenting can be difficult, particularly for those working rotation-based shifts.

“Finding a balance between work and family commitments is a challenge faced by all working parents. Where parents have pre-school-aged children and are working non-standard hours, the challenge is more complex. Shift-working parents may miss out child-related activities because of work or sleep.”

Westie Food Group is leading in the way for change in West Auckland. After successfully trailing the whānau friendly work-hours, the initiative has been implemented permanently, offering its workforce the power to tailor working schedules to the unique needs of whānau. Kerry continues,

“We are thrilled to have supported Westie Food Group to develop its family-friendly shift hours and from what we understand to-date, it has been a resounding success.”

Stefan Crooks, founder of Westie Food Group, says offering employee’s flexibility simply makes good business sense.